About Us

MY MOVING is a prominent local agent for many world leading HHGS and Relocation company. MY MOVING specialising in the move of household effects, office move and high value products.

We provide a broad range of scalable solutions for families moving in pursuit of an exciting career in a different country, or mass moves of talent and equipment for companies seizing global opportunities. Locally, MY MOVING offers Local and Certified Qualified Labor, along with a Warehouse located in the area.

MY Moving have been awarded the prestigious FAIM Certification by FIDI! “FIDI/FAIM Standard’ defining clear and consistent quality requirements which we have comply within its operations and services to customers. The quality requirements cover every aspect of the administration and performance of an international removal; MY Moving consider every facet of a moving company’s services, procedures, staff training, vehicle and warehouse maintenance and facilities.

As customers, you are working with a company that possesses:

  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policies
  • Customer Privacy Protection Procedure
  • Quality staffs training
  • Required Insurance protection
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Warehouse Security
  • Strong financials

Home is where you make it,
and wherever you make it,
MY MOVING MALAYSIA can get you there

MY Moving Mobility (M) Sdn Bhd directors, managers and staff maintain the highest levels of integrity in their day-to-day activities, working within the laws and regulations of each country where they operate.

A business-wide Code of Corporate Conduct specifies the principles which are expected, and also shows how anyone can report any concerns about actual or suspected violations of these principles.

MY Moving Mobility (M) Sdn Bhd use complied to principles of “Anti Bribery & Anti-Corruption Charter”, which are designed to ensure fair competition and preserve the free enterprise system, in its Data Privacy Protection Management. Other elements of the code deal with: behavior during contract negotiations; political contributions; public tendering and government contracts; professional accounting; environmental laws and regulations; tax compliance; conflicts of interest; copyright, trademark and licensing compliance; proprietary and confidential information, and government investigations and media enquiries.